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I would have never known how "real" these actually look until I saw one lit in the store. I immediately purchased one and went back for two more!! Two days ago we had a terrible wind storm in the middle of the night which knocked the power out for 5 hours. Do you know just how easy it was to "flick the switch" and have instant light instead of having the hunt for matches?? Truly amazing!!! I absolutely love these candles!!! Also, I have them on a very uneven mantle above my fireplace. I would never think of burning real candles which could easy fall off. 


Kim S.


I bought a few of your candles and absolutely love them... 
safe... no black soot ... no mess! 

Thanks so much ... Happy Holidays!

JoAnn Meyer

No other flameless candle comes close.

Thanks, Nick C. UK

I got your candles as a Christmas present two years ago, and soon after bought more for myself and several friends.

I am buying more this year as presents.They are not only beautiful and realistic looking but safe. I love candles but have been in two apartment fires, one because of candles.I also have pet parrots and two cats. Real candles are much too dangerous to have around those pets.

I work for a bird rescue and am donating a set of your fabulous timer candles for our holiday fundraising party and raffle this year.

Thanks from all of us!


I love them - just what I needed in my room!!! They are just so easy and
seem so real. When I went to turn it over to turn it off, I jerked it back
thinking the wax would spill - then I remembered - they are fabulous!!!

Marlene H.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your flameless candles and lanterns. My mother who has trouble seeing loves these, as she does not have to worry about a fire hazard. They give off such a nice glow and you don't have to worry about them if you fall asleep while they are "lit". I buy them for myself and give as gifts.

Thank you,
Tina R.
Chesapeake, VA

I just had to tell you what a wonderful product the flameless candles are. Everyone I have shown mine to, have bought them. My fireman friends think every fire department should give them out to their communities. They are beautiful and give such a feeling of security from fire in case one should forget to blow out the candles.Thank you so much. We travel in out motor coach and I love candles, but would never use them in the bus. I have these everywhere in the bus. 

Again, thank you!!!
Sherry H.

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